World AIDS Day celebrated in Kangra

Dharamshala, Dec 1 - Tuberculosis is a top infectious disease killer worldwide and the leading killer of people living with HIV/AIDS, causing one in three HIV-related deaths.

Chief Medical Officer, Kangra, Dr. BM Gupta said this in connection with World AIDS day today.

He said that scaling up collaborative HIV-TB activities has reduced TB deaths by one third among people living with HIV since 2004, but still in 2014 about 0.4 million people died of HIV-associated TB.

Dr R K Sood, District TB Officer, said that last year there was an estimated 1.2 million new cases of TB amongst people who were HIV-positive. Together, these two diseases form a lethal combination, each speeding the other’s progress, he added.

Dr SN Gupta, Programme Officer for AIDS, Kangra, said that due to their weakened immune system, people with HIV are up to 30 times more likely to develop active TB than people who don’t have HIV. Meanwhile, TB can accelerate the progress of an HIV infection, causing someone with HIV to become sick more rapidly, he added.

CMO said that Kangra has one of the best implementations of TB HIV collaboration- over 95 percent TB patients know their HIV status.

Sub division level TB HIV coordination meetings are done in addition to district level. The efforts need further strengthening because each day we delay the scale-up of bold TB programs, the disease will continue to drive the HIV epidemic.

World Aids Day was today celebrated by Red Ribbon Club in the Dronacharya P G College of education at Rait to spread awareness on AIDS epidemic.

Dronacharya Red Ribbon Club made a giant Red Ribbon with Clay and decorated with colored posters and placards. The message read, ‘Working for future, Keep the promise to stop AIDS.’ The theme of this year’s campaign is ‘Getting to Zero’.

The club organized a rally in the Rait market. The students raised slogans to disseminate the AIDS prevention message. The club members also enacted a short play to sensitize the masses on AIDS epidemic.

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