UP govt violating Constitutional norms by delaying the village Pradhan elections: BJP

Lucknow - Uttar Pradesh BJP has charged the Akhilesh Yadav government of violating the Constitutional norms by not holding the village Pradhan elections on time.

''Article 243-3(A) of the Constitution says that the term of the village Pradhan will be of five years and the government will have to conduct the elections before expiry of their tenure," quoted UP BJP president Laxmikant Bajpai.

He said that not holding the elections of village Pradhan in time is a serious violation of the constitution as after their tenure expiry on November 7, 2015, they will cease to be a member and hence will not be allowed to participate in the voting for the 36 legislative council seats to be held in December.

''The UP government is conspiring to prevent the village Pradhans from participating in the elections," he alleged.

The BJP leader also questioned that when the tenure of the Khetra and District Panchayat would expire in February, 2016 then why is the government in a hurry to hold those elections first and delay the Pradhan elections, for which the tenure is lapsing in November.

Meanwhile, BJP state president said that the party is serious for the Panchayat polls and will contest in a big way, though it will not be contested on party symbols.

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