Step-father rapes 3-yr-old girl in MP

Bhopal : After a three-year-old girl was raped and dumped into bushes in a soul-shaking incident in Madhya Pradesh's capital on Wednesday, police claimed to have cracked the crime with the arrest of her step father. The victim’s family told police that they were sleeping in an open area near railway platform when the girl went missing. She was later found near the bridge at around 0800 hrs that day. On the basis of the complaint, the Railway Police investigated the matter and arrested her stepfather Uttar Pradesh’s Mahoba-resident Rampal Singh (32). The accused dumped the girl near the bushes after perpetrating the sexual assault and went back to sleep. Later, he feigned ignorance about the girl’s where abouts. Rampal was staying with the girl’s mother about one-and-half years on the pretext that his own wife had died due to cancer. However, police found his claims to be untrue after which he was grilled by police. When forensic experts found bloodstains on the girl’s cloths, he admitted the crime.

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