Reiki has a big role to play in my health and beauty: Hema Malini

New Delhi, May 8 - BJP MP Hema Maliki today said that Reiki technique of healing has had a big role in her life in maintaining her health, beauty and her energy. The BJP MP from Mathura , who took part in a Reiki workshop, organised by the Ministry for Ayush, said she would urge the Ayush Ministry to include Reiki in their list of traditional cures. Hema Malini, who took part in the workshop along with 2,800 others, under the guidance of Reiki guru Dr N K Sharma and Savita Sharma, said Reiki had been associated with her life since an early age. ''When I entered the film industry and started my film career with the film ‘Sapno Ka Saudagar, I had started using such techniques to achieve concentration of the mind,'' she said. She said even before doing ‘Baghbaan’ she had practiced Reiki which had benefitted her a lot. ''Reiki has had a big role to play in the health, beauty and energy in my life. My advise to all is to practice Reiki to achieve a tension free life,'' she said. On the occasion, the Reiki foundation announced that the participation of 2800 people in the one day workshop has helped the Reiki foundation register its name in the ‘India Book of records’.

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