PM chants ' Jai Shri Ram' just 125 KMs away from Ayodhya

PM chants

modi-jai-sri-ramPrime Minister Narendra Modi, who avoided the issue of Ram temple at Ayodhya during past five years, for the first time, chanted "Jai Shriram" several times trying to give a message to the people from Laxmannagari. Mr Modi started his speech with Jai Shri Ram and ended it with repeating it for several times along with the people. During his entire speech, the people continuously raised the Jai Shri Ram which however, did not disturb the PM's speech which concentrated on terrorism and about the evil against women and girl child.

The worshiping of Lord Ram and Hanuman and doing their aarti besides accepting the religious symbols like sudarshan chakra, gadda and bow and arrow have also given an new look to the PM's attitude. Mr Modi had always avoided speaking on Ram temple of Ayodhya in the past but today he chanted Jai Shri Ram just around 125 kilometers away from Ayodhya. Lucknow is said to be the city of Laxman, the younger brother of Ram and was called as Laxmannagari during the Ramayan period. Opposition parties have already registered their objection on the visit of Mr Modi at the Dussehra function in Lucknow saying that it has been done in view of the early next year's assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh. Meanwhile, the PM gave all opportunity to the Ramlila artists of standing between them for photographs. Ram, Laxman, Sita and even the Banar sena were seen talking with the PM while photographers were taking the photos.

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