Nitish fires again at the Prime Minister

Patna, Sep 1 - Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today fired a fresh salvo at Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking him to "show moral courage and accept 'insufficiencies' in delivering on old promises".

Mr Kumar took to his official twitter account to launch a broadside at the Prime Minister and posted his comments minutes before Mr Modi reached Bhagalpur to address NDA's 'Parivartan Rally' this afternoon.

He posted six comments in one go. Beginning with "Modiji, stop the rhetoric, chest thumping and everyday new promises". The Chief Minister did not stop here. In his second post Mr Kumar said, "Show moral courage. Accept insufficiencies in delivering on old promises".

In an apparent bid to whip up Bihari sentiment, he asked the Prime Minister to "Show moral courage. Respect the sentiments of people of Bihar who have been troubled by your unkept promises & unsavoury comments."

The CM went on to say "Show moral courage. Take back your derogatory words on questioning the DNA and calling the state BIMARU and the people Bimaru. Show moral courage. Deliver your promise of Special Status to Bihar. Don’t mislead with the so-called package where 86% are repackaged old schemes".

Ever Since the prime minister posed a question mark on the "political DNA" of the Chief Minister, while addressing NDA's first 'Parivartan Rally' at Muzaffarpur on July 25, Mr Kumar has taken recourse to the social networking site "twitter" to target the Prime Minister.

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