Nihal Foundation to hold 'Startup Challenge' for social change

New Delhi : In a bid to encourage young social entrepreneurs in the country, the Nihal Foundation has announced a ‘Social Change Startup Challenge’ for changing the lives of people through technology.

“Uber and Ola have, for instance, changed the way we travel within cities as it provides a safer mode of transport at the touch of a screen and at much lower cost,” said Raj Kumar Pathak, spokesman, Nihal Foundation.

“This is an example of how technology can be disruptive as Uber and Ola are also bringing ‘social change’ since they are creating more entrepreneurs and opportunities for growth for underprivileged sections,” he added.

Technology is a big enabler and can empower the under privileged members of our society and make available same opportunities for further growth, development and prosperity, the foundation said in a statement.

The foundation will provide Seed Funding and startup mentoring for those who come up with the brightest ideas. “Social Change is a very wide topic and, therefore, we would define it simply by saying ‘any App or software that can change or improve the lives of people, particularly, the underprivileged,’ will be considered for our mentoring and funding,” it added.

The challenge has been announced to mark the 300th anniversary of Baba Banda Singhji Bahadur’s martyrdom, who sacrificed his life for social uplift and put India on the path of freedom.

The last date of submission is July 31. The entries will be adjudged by a distinguished jury of experts and the winners will be announced on August 15. Nihal Foundation is CSR initiative of StudentSpace, USA and Nihal software, Gurgaon.

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