'Mr Nonchalant'Rahul Dev gets evicted from Bigg Boss House

‘Mr Nonchalant’ Rahul Dev gets evicted from Bigg Boss House

New Delhi: In a development that took viewers by surprise, Rahul Dev, one of the most dignified contestants of Bigg Boss 10, has become the latest to be evicted from the reality show.
Rahul made his way out of the House in the ‘weekend ka vaar’ episode aired on Colors last night.
He entered the house with a blank slate and neutral outlook with no plan or strategy in his mind.
Being an introvert by nature, Rahul initially took the time to warm up to the environment but became an integral part of the House in the consecutive weeks.
While he stood by the fact that patience is the virtue, he was seen having emotional outbursts in a few stressful situations.
During his tenure inside the house, Rahul shared a good rapport with Gaurav and treated Lopa and Rohan like his kids.
He showed immense tolerance when it came to dealing with Swami Om and Priyanka’s nuisance and handled them in a courtly manner.
Owing to his less involvement in tasks and other house related matters, Rahul attracted criticism and was also reprimanded by Salman Khan for being low on enthusiasm.
He failed to display passion and enthusiasm when it came to performing tasks but served as a mastermind in the background.
Rahul opted unconventional ways to survive inside the house and would always steer clear of fights and arguments.
Be it the rocking horse immunity task or the dome task for nominations, Rahul’s under performance was loathed by all the contestants.
But he outdid everyone and emerged as a great entertainer after he emulated Swami Om in the viral video task.
Rahul’s culinary journey became a highlight of the season after he was asked to take charge of the kitchen and cook food for everyone during the democracy task.
Rahul did not taste many victories during his Bigg Boss journey but he received immense love and respect from not only the housemates and his fans but also from Salman.
Speaking about his experience of the show, Rahul said, “Bigg Boss was sort of a self-discovery; a learning experience that was packed with many bittersweet memories.
The house and its inmates taught me how to be patient and deal with difficult and uncomfortable situations.
Thanks to Bigg Boss, I have finally overcome my fear for kitchen and cooking and I am glad that after this, I can cook a decent food.
I am going to miss spending time with Rohan and Lopamudra and going to definitely root for them and looking forward to seeing them as the finalist of the show.

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