Mathura's profile changing from city of widows to tourist spot


mathura-a-tourist-hubMathura, Sep 27 -The profile of Mathura from city of widows is now changing as a major tourist hub attracting both tourists and pilgrims from across the globe. The city is famous for Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha--including the holy Govardhan hill which was lifted by Lord Vishnu on his baby/pink finger. The city experiences an influx of over 12-15 crore pilgrims not just from India but from other countries also. With a spree of festivals happening round the year, there is no term like saying season, the district is rapidly emerging as the biggest hub of favourite holiday spots for the denizens coming up from urban areas. The Braj circuit that also includes Agra, has become very popular. Weekend tourism has picked up and visitors are combining pilgrimage with pleasure, in the recent year. Mathura's profile is all set to further change as it has been listed as a heritage city for development. The banks of Yamuna river in Mathura and Vrindavan -- where the evening 'aartis' have become a major attraction for the pilgrims, the Mathura museum, the Birla Mandir, dozens of ashrams in Vrindavan, the temple of Bihari-ji, Rangji temple, the renovated Brahm Kund, the newly- constructed Prem Mandir and the ISKCON temple are among those figuring high on the list for tourists. Vrindavan, with over 2,500 small and big temples, and scores of sprawling ashrams of the old and new-age gurus, is now just 90-minute drive from Noida via the Yamuna Expressway.

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