Man dies as house collapses after heavy rainfall in Shimla

Shimla : Heavy monsoon during the last 24 hours brought the normal life to standstill in Himachal Pradesh, also causing loss of property and uprooting of trees. A wall of a Kaucha house collapsed in Chhota Shimla when four members of family were sleeping in the house. A labourer from Bihar was identified as Varsha Asur died under debris. Three vehicles parked beside the road near New Shimla were damaged as two trees were uprooted. A LP truck, car and Canter were damaged by the tree near Taramandir. Vehicular traffic also remained disrupted in between New Shimla and Khalini.
A tree also came down on the road at Summerhill Bazar damaging shop. Vehicular traffic also reamiend off for many hours inbetween Summmerhill and Bioleauganj. Couple of tees were also uprooted beside the Cartroad and other links road in the town affecting the life and movement of commuters .

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