Let the competition be in true sportsman spirit: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today inaugurated the 12th South Asian Games at a glittering inaugural ceremony in the Indira Gandhi Athletics Stadium here, which will be co-hosted at Shillong.
Declaring the Games 'open', the Prime Minister said, 'Let the spirit of Gurukul prevail for two weeks.
Let the competition be in true sports man spirit.
May the best win.
I declare the 12th South Asian Games open.
' Welcoming the athletes from all the eight SAARC countries, the Prime Minister said, 'The friendships you would form over these 12 days and the memories you take back will last you a lifetime.
On the sports field, we can forget what separates us and we can truly connect with each other in the spirit of sportsmanship and adventure.
' Modi also highlighted his vision for South Asia as similar to his vision for India.
'My vision for South Asia is same as my vision for India – Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas.
Let these Games become a spring board for bringing peace and prosperity in the region through business, interaction & sporting activities.

All South Asian countries are partners in our journey towards development,' said he.
Modi urged spirit of friendship among eight countries through sports.
Stating that the Games is a perfect blend of three T's - Teamwork, Togetherness and Talent.
'This sports meet is perfect blend of 3- Teamwork, togetherness and talent.
This meet celebrates togetherness of all South Asian Nations,' said he.
The PM also hailed the mascot ‘Tikhor’, a rhino cub, is sharp, naughty, sporty and modern as a motivator, friend and messenger of peace, progress and prosperity.

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