JP leader says the position of servitude unacceptable to alienated Jammu

Jammu, Sep 13 - Describing Kashmir as the over-developed region in the entire country and its people as the most prosperous and over-pampered section of Indian society, Senior BJP leader Prof Hari Om today said that the people of Jammu region are completely alienated from the discriminatory, non-accommodating and backward-looking Kashmiri leadership.

"We warn that any failure of the authorities in New Delhi and Kashmir to conciliate them could create a volcanic situation in the strategic Jammu region, which is one of the most ignored part of India," Prof Om in a statement issued here said.

"The patience of the politically marginalised and socially and economically ignored people of Jammu is ending very fast," he said, and added that “they are no longer prepared to accept the position servitude and insubordination”.

"They want a proper share in social, economic, political and administrative institutions as proud Indian nationals, which is not happening," he lamented. Prof Om further said that why should people of Jammu lead a pathetic life and look towards Kashmir and Kashmiri leadership for even petty and illusory concessions?.

“They need forthwith a regime that is of them, by them and for them and the Indian nation. They have suffered neglect, humiliations and taunts for 68 long years. Enough is enough,” he asserted. The former political advisor to BJP state president further said that he was in complete accord with the people of Jammu region when they refused to endorse the Kashmiri view that the problem in Kashmir was political.

“The problem in Kashmir is not political. The problem in Kashmir is sectarian. It is also the problem of uncontested communalism being indulged in by Kashmiri leaders of all shades of opinion,” he said. He also accused New Delhi of being soft to the communal and separatist politics being practiced in the Valley by Kashmiri leaders of all hues to provoke anti-India and pro-Pakistan protests in the Valley.

The BJP leader however, appealed to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to turn his attention towards the suffering people of Jammu region, saying they had voted for him enthusiastically and in large numbers in 2014 hoping that he would end their night of despair and discontent.

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