Jat brothers marry Valmiki sisters with parents' consent

Kaithal, Mar 13 - A Jat and a Valmiki family have given a new message to the caste-ridden society, when they entered into a relationship, where Jat family married its two sons with two Valmiki sisters in the town today.

Balwan, a Jat from Harsola village and Satyavan, Valmiki of Shakti Nagar locality had shown that they could not be swayed away by the prevailing tensions among various communities.

This inter caste marriage was solemnised with simplicity in local palace during day here today in the aftermath of recent Jat stir which triggered violence in the entire state.

Balwan and Satyavan, followers of Sant Ram Pal, had met at a religious congregation some time back.

During interaction Balwan told that he wanted to marry his two sons and Satyavan told that he had two daughters of marriageable age.

Both of them said that they do not believe in casteism and all castes are equal.

Both agreed to marry off their wards and they chose March 13 as the auspicious day. Pawan and Reetu and Sohan and Komal entered into a new relationship today.

Satyavan said that all human beings are same. Balwan said that all are equal and no one is superior or inferior to anyone. Balwan is immensely happy to solemnise the marriage of his sons without any dowry.

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