International Kabaddi player dies in Medanta of Dengue

In a case of death due to dengue in the millennium city, an international Kabaddi player today died at the Medanta hospital of the vector borne disease.

Though authorities at Medanta hospital cited Kidney failure as the prime cause of his death, the relatives of the deceased said 62-year-old Pratap Kablana died of dengue at the hospital last night.

The elder brother of Kablana told that the internal Kabaddi player was admitted to a private hospital in Jhajjar on September 15 after he suffered from multi-organ failure.

Upon admission, Pratap was diagnosed with dengue by the private hospital. Later, however, his condition further deteriorated, following which the hospital referred him to Medanta hospital. He was admitted to Medanta on September 16.

Efforts by doctors to improve his condition, however, failed and his succumbed to the disease last night. ''He was rushed to the private hospital in Jhajjar after he had difficulty in breathing.

Upon admission, Pratap was diagnosed with dengue by the private hospital. Later, when his condition further deteriorated, he was referred to Medanta hospital in Gurgaon,'' said Om Prakash, the elder brother of the deceased sportsperson.

He was kept on ventilator the day he was rushed to Medanta. The doctors gave the injection and tried to stabalise him but his condition worsened. He was declared dead by the hospital around 2100 hrs yesterday.

The death of Pratap Kablana, who is survived by his wife, two sons and daughter, has left all the sports lovers in a state of shock. Kablana was credited with several achievements and accolades at national and international level. In his later part of the sports career, he represented Haryana Bijli Board in Kabaddi and remained at top at National level for 12 years at a stretch.

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