Haryana police launches spl night domination exercise on May 6-7 night

 Chandigarh : Haryana Police had launched a special night domination exercise on the intervening night of May 6-7 to ensure the safety and security of citizens. A total of approximately 6,000 police personnel, including 145 supervisory officers, were deployed across the state for the special exercise. As many as 2,353 cases under various provisions of the law, including 41 cases under the Indian Penal Code, 145 cases under various Local and Special Laws, 2,161 cases under the Motor Vehicle Act and six cases under CrPC, were registered and almost 38,000 vehicles were also checked during the special drive. Approximately 188 kgs of narcotic/psychotropic substances and 2,300 alcohol bottles were also recovered during this night domination exercise. Nine arms were recovered and almost 180 animals were also rescued. During the drive, a total of approximately 220 people were arrested. Further investigations may lead to more arrests. The drive will be launched regularly in future as well in order to ensure the safety and security of the public in Haryana.

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