Goa bribery case: Louis Berger says 'rogue' managers concealed illegal activities, let down the company

Goa bribery case: Louis Berger says

Louis-Berger-300x200New Delhi, Jul 24 - Seeking to distance itself from Goa ministers bribery case, the US based construction company Louis Berger International today said it was let down by its former managers who had concealed their illegal activites from the company. A statement from the Louis Berger here said the company had discovered the misdeeds of its "rogue" executives from its own internal investigation first, which was reported to the US government which then conducted its investigation. "Louis Berger did what companies are expected to do to root out corruption. We conducted an internal investigation, cooperated with the US Department of Justice investigation and addressed in an honest and transparent way the problems caused by rogue former managers James McClung and Richard Hirsch," said the company spokesperson Regine de la Cruz in response to a July 20 UNI report "BJP seeks CBI probe to reveal names of end beneficiaries in Congress in Goa construction scam." "In fact, Mr McClung intentionally sought to conceal his illegal activities during the initial stages of the company’s internal investigation and then from the US Government. Louis Berger’s own investigation uncovered Mr McClung’s outrageous conduct. We reported his actions to the US government, which then conducted its investigation," the company statement said. Seeking to set the record straight about our company’s reforms efforts, Ms Cruz said," All of our projects in India between 1998 and 2010 have been investigated as part of the Department of Justice's investigations. The only indication of inappropriate activities were those outlined in our agreement with the department." "Current programs are operating under new leadership in India and under the ongoing oversight of our internal audit program and a world-class compliance and ethics program," she added.

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