Education should not become a casualty of politics: Akhtar

Srinagar, Oct 20 - Asserting that education should not become a casualty of conflict, Education Minister Naeem Akhtar said that the political turbulence in Kashmir should not be an excuse for underperformance of the government-run institutions.

"Education should not become a casualty of conflict. The political turbulence of the past more than two decades should not become an excuse for underperformance at our schools and colleges," Mr Akhtar said while speaking at the inaugural session of an inter-college debate competition at SP College, Srinagar.

The topic for the debate competition was “College Education in Kashmir is Listless”. Stressing on giving creative freedom to students, Mr Akhtar said the colleges should allow limitless transition of students from boyhood into adulthood.

"I see before me the challenge of bringing the education department alive and infuse a fresh breath into the system. I see a day when teachers and students may have to wake up at two in the night for lectures," he said.

Praising the college management for restoring the flood-hit campus within a short span of time, he said the people of Kashmir have often showed resilience in hard times.

"You have the confidence of having produced representative minds. Now is a difficult time. And Kashmir has shown itself best in adversity," he said. "We have to ask ourselves: have we given up and surrendered to situation? Kashmir ruled this part of the world in not so distant past. Then we had no colleges and universities. Now, with so much infrastructure, why aren't we repeating our past glories? That is my concern," the Minister added.

Recalling the measures taken by the education department after he took over its charge, Mr Akhtar said the department has come into public focus which is a big achievement.

"I have brought the discourse on education into focus again. We had lost ownership of our schools, colleges and our entire education department. But let me tell you, unless we fix the system of primary and secondary education, colleges will continue to remain listless," he said.

The Minister said that the patch of land from Kothi Bagh to SP College, despite being the best of real estate in entire Kashmir, has failed to produce any cultural attraction in the historic city of Srinagar.

"It will be one of the greatest social interventions in our time if these facilities remain open till late. This land (from Kothi Bagh to SP College) is the deadest place in Srinagar, despite having high real estate value.

Our children go out for fake certificates in courses which can be taught here and by the best of minds," he said, "What stops you? Why don't we capture secular spaces in trade, technology, art and civil services. This is a mental barrier which I am yet to cross," he added.

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