Devotees throng Hanuman temple on first Bada Mangal in Lucknow

Lucknow : Thousands of devotees of Lord Hanuman today thronged temples on the occasion of first 'Bada Mangal', one of the biggest annual festivals celebrated in the city. The festival, which goes on for four consecutive Tuesdays, is celebrated in the Hindu month of Jeth, and coincides with the months of May or June in the Gregorian calendar. Uttar Pradesh government has also declared a local holiday on the first Bada Mangal. All the Hanuman temples in the city - Dakshinmukhi Hanuman temple in Hazratganj, Purana and Naya Mandir in Aliganj, Chachi Kuan temple in Lal Kuan and the Hanuman Setu temple on the university road - have been decked up with flowers and lights. Devotees started thronging temples since early morning, some walking several miles barefoot while others rolled over on roads to reach temples for a sighting of their favourite deity. Police have made elaborate arrangements, including diverting traffic at various places. With temperatures soaring, voluntary organisations have set up water and cold drink kiosks for devotees. As per the tradition of Bada Mangal in the city it is said that Janab-e-Aalia, the second wife of Nawab Shuja-ud-Daulah got the old Aliganj Hanuman temple constructed. She is said to have dreamt of Lord Hanuman who ordered her to get a temple constructed. Based on her dreams, she ordered quarrying of the area she saw in her dream. The idol was found after which it was transported on the back of an elephant to the city. The elephant, however, did not step forward after a point (the place where the temple is situated). Therefore it was decided that the temple be constructed at this place. Since then, Bada Mangal is celebrated with festive gaiety in the city. Naming her son later known as Nawab Saadat Ali Khan as Mirza Mangloo after the deity, Begum Aalia started the tradition of a fair, which continues to be held every year. The tradition of distributing sharbat and eatables to the devotees which started in those days, still continues today.

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