Dadri lynching: Locals blame one-sided probe, media

A fragile, uneasy peace pervades this nondescript village of Uttar Pradesh, which has witnessed unprecedented political activity and media glare since one of its inhabitants, Mohammad Ikhlaq, was lynched by a frenzied crowd over alleged consumption of beef.

The dusty streets of the village, which used to bustle with life, look forlorn with only a handful people venturing out of their homes. Heavy deployment of police at the entrance as well as inside made the atmosphere of the once cheery village, even more brooding.

During an interaction, a visiting reporter found people equally upset with politicians, police and media. Resentment is brewing among the families and supporters of the youth who were nabbed by the police in the much-publicized case. Crying foul over the role of police and media, they complained of “one-sided investigation and media reporting.

‘’Our children are innocent and framed only to satisfy the ongoing probe. They were sleeping, when the police broke into our house and took away my two sons. They have done nothing,” said a couple.

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