UP Ass'ly: Oppn boycott budget proceedings over act of CM

UP Assly: Oppn boycott budget proceedings over act of CM

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Assembly today took up budgetary proposals for the grants of the departments amid boycott by the entire opposition. In the absence of the opposition and their cut-motion, the house passed budgetary grants for Industry, Agriculture, Khadi Gram Udyog, PWD, entertainment tax, public enterprises, horticulture and sports with only the ruling party members speaking in the debate. Constitutional experts claimed that it was for the first time in the recent past that the entire Opposition have boycotted the budget proceedings of the House. The Opposition parties have called for the boycott of the entire budget session after the Treasury Bench did not allow Leader of the Opposition Ram Govind Choudhury to speak after Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's speech on budget yesterday. However, the Opposition leaders would meet this evening to discuss the future course of action against the government. Yesterday, after the reply of the Chief Minister, the Leader of the Opposition was not allowed to seek clarification which led to the dispute. This morning during a meeting of the entire opposition leaders, they decided to boycott the Budget session of the state Assembly which will continue till July 28. The Opposition parties in state Legislative Council supporting their colleagues of the State Assembly too boycotted the proceedings of the Upper House. As the Assembly met for the day, Mr Choudhury stood up and said they were peeved over the act of the Treasury Bench yesterday. "The act of the government is like that they want the entire Opposition inside the jail, which is very unfortunate," he said, while adding that the Opposition had always cooperated with the House proceedings but the government was not ready to deem the opposition's existence in the House. "During my last 40 years of political career, yesterday's action by the government was unprecedented which proves that the government did not want to hear the Opposition's voices," he said, adding that the entire Opposition has decided to boycott the House after the CM yesterday flatly said that even if opposition is not there, the House would function normally. Before walking out of the House along with other members, he also alleged that this BJP government was working against the Dalits and the backwards. BSP leader Lalji Verma said the ruling party was targeting the Opposition Members in the House and were not being allowed to speak. "Ministers are using unparliamentary words and the CM is egoistic for getting 325 seats in the assembly polls. Under the rule, only finance minister can give the reply in the budget but when leader of the house can speak then why there was a binding on the leader of the opposition," he questioned. He too supported the opposition decision on the boycott. Congress legislature party leader Ajay Kumar Lalu said,''It is unfortunate that the mike of the leader of the opposition was switched off when he tried to speak after the CM's budget speech yesterday. "The opposition was forced to take the harsh decision as the government was trying to strangulate us inside the House," he stated. However, after the Congress leader's statement, the entire Opposition members, including 47 of the SP, 19 of the BSP and 7 of the Congress walked out of the House even after Speaker Hridya Narain Dikshit and State Parliamentary Affairs Minister Suresh Kumar Khanna tried to persuade them and appealed to them not to take any decision in haste.

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