Mayawati is yet to give a clear signal on grand alliance

Mayawati is yet to give a clear signal on grand alliance

Lucknow : Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati gave a confusing signal on the grand alliance here on Sunday.On the one hand she said she was not opposed to Mahagathbandhan but, on the other, she said she would contest the Lok Sabha elections alone if "respectable" number of seats were not offered to her party.

Talking to media persons in her new house, where she has shifted to after vacating the sprawling government bunglow to obey the Supreme Court's order,she was highly critical of the BJP but said nothing complimentary for the the Congress .

Her party had maintained a distance from the Congress during the Bharat Bandh called recently by the party to protest rising petrol and diesel prices.The distance seems to continue.

She devoted much time at the press conference to clarify that she has no relationship with the Bhim Army or its leader Chandrashekhar Azad who is emerging as a Dalit leader in the western part of the state.He had claimed recently after release from jail where he was sent after some violent incidents in Saharanpur that he was close to "bua"(aunt).The reference was to her.

To justify her claim for a "sammanjanak" seat-share, she said, though her party did not win any seat in the previous Lok Sabha elections her vote-share was better than most of the other parties.She sought to convey that there was a mis-match between the vote-share and seat-share.

The party has won 30 Assembly seats across the country including four in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh and two in Rajasthan.It is in talk with the party for an alliance in these two states.Her demand for respectable seat -share in these states might have created a hurdle in finalisation of talks on alliance there,too.

As far as UP is concerned,she has yet kept the SP,the main opposition, guessing regarding alliance.She has not said, no,but has not said a firm, yes,either.

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