Eureka Forbes launches first-of-its-kind water fortifier, 'Dr Aquaguard NRICH'

Eureka Forbes launches first-of-its-kind water fortifier, Dr Aquaguard NRICH

Kolkata, Eureka Forbes Limited, India's leading health & hygiene company and makers of Aquaguard, has introduced first-of-its kind, Dr. AquaguardTM NRICH, 'India's only purifier that's a water fortifier'. A breakthrough in the water purification industry, Dr Aquaguard Nrich comes with the patented Health ProtectTM technology, which dispenses 'healthy water or no water'. Among other firsts, this technology allows consumers to get automatic alerts when their purification system requires maintenance or the cartridges needs replacement. Dr AquaguardTM NRICH also comes packed with a unique combination of HD RO + UV + MTDS technologies that is suitable for any source of water. The product will be launched in the markets of Karnataka and Kolkata. With its latest addition to the AquaguardTM family, Eureka Forbes is not only redefining the concept of water purifiers in the country but also giving a new dimension to customer service. Equipped with patented Health ProtectTM technology, the electronic authenticated purification cartridge of the purifier stops the insertion of spurious, non-genuine cartridges from unauthorized third parties. In case an unauthorized cartridge is inserted,

Health ProtectTM activates an indication light to alert that the water is unsafe and shuts down the purification process for complete protection. Backed by cutting-edge NutritronTM technology, the purifier fortifies the drinking water with Calcium, Magnesium, Copper and Zinc. These minerals not only enhance the taste of water but also health and body functions - so that one can stay health plus always. The purifier is designed in stylish black and silver colour and comes with an attractive LED to suit the newer kitchen designs. Marzin R Shroff, MD & CEO, Eureka Forbes Limited said," "As India's leading health & hygiene organization for over 36 years now, we are constantly building on our expertise and upscaling our R&D in order to create products and solutions that are in-line with consumer demands and needs. In addition to introducing the right products for our consumers that are backed by strong technologies, we also want to ensure maintenance of quality and safety of these product." Dr Aquaguard NRICH is a breakthrough offering in this direction and reaffirms our aim to create a meaningful difference to the lives of the consumers thereby promoting healthy living," he added.

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