Nagaland CNTC demands President's Rule

Nagaland CNTC demands Presidents Rule

Kohima,: The Central Nagaland Tribes Council (CNTC) has fervently appealed to Nagaland Governor P.B. Acharya to immediately dissolve the present House and impose President's Rule since the Government has constitutionally failed on every front and also due to total breakdown of constitutional machinery in the state. In a statement CNTC warned "if the house is not dissolved immediately, the council will not hesitate to come out in the streets to show them the door." Sending out a strong warning, CNTC has asked the legislators to step down "before things turn ugly or face the wrath of the people." It said that "the present legislators have failed extremely short of people's aspirations, hope and expectations in every aspect and hence they have no moral right to continue at all or to claim their stake to form any Government. When the people of the state have been undergoing uncountable hardships, these bunch of irresponsible people were busy merry-making and partying in the lavish Kaziranga resort putting the whole state into ransom." Further hitting out at the MLAs, CNTC said their (MLAs) immature, foolish and careless acts do not deserve them to be called as elected representatives or leaders anymore. Reiterating that the MLAs should all resign and step down straight away, CNTC said "they have put the entire Naga people to shame and do not deserve to be our leaders" and vowed never to allow the present system to continue under any circumstances. "The present legislators do not have even an iota of right to sit on their chairs as they could absolutely do nothing for the people of Nagaland." CNTC demanded that the MLAs step down before they are pulled down by the people, saying they have completely lost the people's confidence. "If they don't listen to the call they will be taught a lesson. There is no need for a floor test anymore as the people's patience has hit the ceiling already," CNTC asserted. Meanwhile, the Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) has expressed dismay at the "unbecoming behavior of the elected leaders taking people for a ride beyond reasonable limit." An NTC release stated that the prevailing crisis in the NPF led Ministry has immense adverse impact on the citizens of the state. "Not by anti-social elements but the law makers are creating uncertainties and anti-people activities in our land without justifiable reasons. The repeated political upheavals erupted at the intervals just because of personal greed is unchristian and unethical. The creation of opposing camps to up-stage each other for personal gains has brought shame to the people of Nagaland," it added. The NTC termed the present MLAs as "immature, fragile and unfit to continue occupying honorable chairs. They are more comfortable to live in their respective camps than honorably deliver goods to the people from their chairs." It therefore urged the concerned authority to "either restore the parliamentary democracy or to take it to the people for a fresh mandate." U

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