BJP-PDP exploitive politics, their lies stand exposed: Bhalla

Jammu,: Jammu has a reason to ask elected BJP representatives to showcase their achievements in the past three years. The people would like to know the corrective measures the BJP representatives took to end their much trumpeted slogan of discrimination. In fact, the region has a feeling of being hugely neglected in every sphere - be it employment, development and other spheres of economic activity.

Former Minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla on Saturday claimed that people of the state have taken sigh of relief on the suspension of previous incompetent coalition government followed by imposition of Governor's rule.

He urged the Governor administration to come upto the expectations of the people who have pinned high hopes on him after failure of BJP-PDP Govt on all fronts. Interacting with prominent persons of Guru Nanak Nagar, Sector-ndhi Nagar constituency here, Bhalla said redressal of the burning problems of the common people was the urgent priority.

He said need of the hour was to restore lost confidence of the people. He urged the Governor administration to work towards instilling trust among the people which has been eroded due to broken promises repeatedly.

He urged the Governor to release adequate funds for various developmental and social welfare schemes to give fillip to the stranded socio- economic activities in the state.We will strengthen democracy in Jammu and Kashmir. It is our priority to restore peace, normalcy and rule of law in the state and the Kashmir Valley in particular, he said.

Urging upon the Governor to address the genuine grievances of the protesting contractual employees including Anganwari and Asha workers, NHM, Contractual Lecturers, MG-NREGA employees besides DRWs and RETs, Bhalla sought the early announcement of a Job policy, their time bound regularization and regular payment of wages so that they were assured of sustainable livelihood.

Accusing the BJP-PDP govt of having belied the hopes and aspirations of educated youth, he said that issuance of highly perverse SRO-202, depletion of Job avenues, under employment of highly educated youth and maltreatment of contractual had created huge resentment amongst the young fraternity of the state against the erstwhile alliance which had severely dented its credibility.

He said the BJP has trampled peoples' trust and their mandate, as it has proved that other than "satiating personal aspirations and ambitions of a chosen few, it can't deliver, which is why Jammu is feeling politically and emotionally let down. This is BJP style of politics that knows divide and rule, he said and cautioned that its leaders can fool the people once but not always.

Bhalla said inexperience of the BJP in governance has taken toll of institutions, which stand weakened due to lack of political direction. Jammu will give the BJP a befitting reply at appropriate time for its betrayal, he said.

BJP had no concern for the development of Jammu and they had considered the people of Jammu as a voting machine of their party. The BJP is claiming itself to be the only so-called nationalist party in the country. It is not understood why they have allied with the PDP, which they consider as the biggest anti-national party, Bhalla said.

He said the people of Jammu felt cheated by the BJP. He added that during elections the party made numerous promises to the people of Jammu but failed miserably in fulfilling them. Bhalla said the Jammu region was being discriminated against and BJP ministers had no courage to raise the issues of Jammu people in the government.

The surrender of BJP for the sake of power has resulted into innumerable sufferings on account of providing adequate supply of drinking water, power, repairing of roads, construction of lanes and drains and most importantly in controlling inflation making the life of common man miserable and making it difficult for them to lead a dignified life due to soaring prices of all the essential commodities.

Bhalla said that BJP which claims to be the champion of Jammu people has betrayed the mandate of the people by taking U-turn on all vital commitments made with the people of the State, especially Jammu region during elections. The farmers, business community, traders, students were totally fed up with this non-performing Government, he said.

A state that needed further push to progress and development, initiated by the previous Congress led government, has been pushed to wall due to political mis-management of PDP-BJP duo, he said.

Former Minister said that Jammu youth are the biggest casualty of the BJP-PDP's discriminatory policies and only Congress Party can end discrimination with this region.

Bhalla said that the BJP and their leadership always raise issues about the development of the country and criticized the UPA Govt. but after assuming power they have forgotten the same and are now debating and discussing over non-publican issues. He said that the public of the Jammu is intelligent enough to understand the hidden agenda of the BJP to divert their attention from their failure.

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