Cong, BJP members clash in Lok Sabha on "police firing" on farmers in Madhya Pradesh

Cong, BJP members clash in Lok Sabha on police firing on farmers in Madhya Pradesh

New Delhi: The ruling BJP and the Congress members clashed in the Lok Sabha today over agrarian crisis in the country and especially on the "police firing" in Madhya Pradesh that led to the death of six farmers. The issue came up when initiating the general discussion on the "agrarian situation" in the country, Congress member Jyotiraditya Scindia alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has maintained a studied silence on the police firing at Mandsaur. "Normally, he tweets on every issue, every crisis across the globe.....but there was none on the police firing at Mandsaur," Mr Scindia said provoking strong protest from the ruling bench members. Among others BJP member Ganesh Singh was up on his feet and countered Mr Scindia. Mr Scindia also shot back quickly: "I had gone to meet the affected did not". Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh also made a brief intervention and said the figures being dished out by the Congress MP on agricultural growth and MSP were erroneous. "He is only misleading the House," Mr Singh said and maintained that Mr Scindia was misquoting Prime Minister repeatedly.

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