10,000 kgs of Marigold to be laid from Shahid Minar to Vivekananda house for Amit Shah's maiden road show

10,000 kgs of Marigold to be laid from Shahid Minar to Vivekananda house for Amit Shahs maiden road show

Kolkata, In order to make Amit Shah's maiden road show a historic event in Kolkata, the BJP leadership here has decided to lay 10,000 kgs of marigold, all the way from Shahid Minar to the ancestral house of Swami Vivekananda in northern part of the city. Mr Shah is scheduled to lead a road show today at 4 pm from Shahid Minar in Maidan to Swami Vivekananda's house in Shimla Street in North Kolkata.

The 6 km stretch will be covered with marigolds, sourced from Bagnan in Howrah, for BJP national president's road show in Kolkata, a former bastion of CPI(M) and now the stronghold of Mamata Banerjee led Trinamool Congress for the past decade. Party's Howrah district leader Pratush Mondal said the task of collecting the marigold was given to them as Bagnan is famous for producing the golden and orange flower. He said nearly 70 farmers have been working for the past three days to collect and store the flowers at party's Bagnan office for final transportation to Kolkata. Mr Mondal said, initially the plan was to collect around 20,000 kgs of marigold, but as this was not the season for the flower, they could collect only 10,000 kgs. He said Rs 2 lakh was spent to collect 10,000 kgs of marigold, which allowed the farmers to get good price at this time when demand for marigold was not very high. The city traffic is expected to come to a standstill for hours, particularly in central and north Kolkata.

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