PM Modi flays Rahul for terming backward communities 'thieves'

PM Modi flays Rahul for terming backward communities thieves

Solapur (Maharashtra), Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday came down heavily on Congress president Rahul Gandhi for insulting the backward communities and calling them 'thieves'. Addressing a massive rally in Madha Lok Sabha constituency in this Maharashtra district on Wednesday, the Prime Minister said the Congress ruled the country for last over five decades, but did precious little for the people and indulged in corruption. The Congress, Mr Modi quipped, now has only one agenda -- 'Modi Hatao'-- . He said the party first said "chowkidar chor hai" but when their trick did not work, changed it to 'chowkidar' community is a thief. Taking credit for the Balakot air strike decision, Mr Modi said the people of the country have expressed pride in the Army's act and appealed to the public to vote for BJP saying, "Your faith is our investment and I have earned it while running my government since last five years.

'The Congress is abusing me during all their rallies, but do not care since I have won the confidence of crores of people and set to form the next government on May 23. 'During my tenure as the prime minister, I have made the country corruption-free with transparency in every sector, brought development, launched various schemes for the poor and closed 3.5 lakh fake companies associated with the Congress.' He appealed to the public to give a stable government like 2014 for the nation's development. Slamming NCP supremo Sharad Pawar, the PM said he has not done anything for farmers in the country, when he was the agriculture minister in Congress government. Mr Modi said that people of Madha constituency, a stronghold of the NCP, will teach Mr Pawar a lesson in this election.

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