SP downplays Mulayam's "Ashirvad" to Modi

SP downplays Mulayams Ashirvad to Modi

Lucknow, The "Ashirvad" of Samajadi Party founder Mulayam Singh Yadav to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to regain power may not ensure a win,but it has certainly given a talking point to the BJP and an issue to raise against the opposition,particularly the Congress and the SP-BSP combine, in Uttar Pradesh.

The party was expected to exploit it to its advantage and it has already done it.A poster praising the SP patriarch has appeared in the city."Manniya Mulayam Singh Yadav ji ka dhanyavad.Aapne Lok Sabha men 125 karore deshvasiyon ke man ki baat kahi", it reads.

while it thanks him for his wish,it says that he has only expressed desire of 125 crore Indians and done nothing else.

The SP may not admit openly,but it must have caused an embarrassment to the party,particularly Akhilesh Yadav,who is the SP president.He is yet to react to his father's blessing to Modi,but others have tried to down-play it."He has also wished for win of other members of the House.It is not something big",said a senior party leader.

Whatever they may say,it must have created a confusion in the mind of its rank and file and the party supporters. BSP chief Mayawati cannot appreciate it,too.

The timing is certainly unfavourable.He has backed Modi at a time when the opposition parties are trying to come under one umbrella and the SP and the BSP have just come together after more than 24 yerars. The two parties have stitched an alliance only last month.

Mulayam called Modi a person who takes everybody along at a time when several opposition leaders including West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee had come all the way from Kalkata to Delhi to move closer to form a national alliance. Sharad Pawar, NCP leader and Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu were the other leaders in attendance for the purpose.

So far they have succeeded in only forming a state -level alliance. Mamata's TMC was attacked in the Lok Sabha by both the Congress and the left,linking the party with the Shardha Chit Fund scam.They are yet to decide on alliance in West Bengal and Delhi and are meeting again in the last week of this month. All of them must have found Mulayam's statement undesirable at this time.

The senior SP leader was instrumental in taking away the Muslims from the Congress- fold and bringing them closer to the party.This statement may cause a division in the community which neither Mayawati nor Akhilesh would like.Community members may vote for the Congress where ever they find the party in a winning position.

It has ,however,begun damage control by quoting his reaction to TV channels, later.He ducked the question when asked about the second term of Modi as Prime Minister.

There are quite a few interpretations of his remark.One of them is that he has applied "Charkha Daon", a tactic used in wrestling to defeat the opponent.It is a surprise move.

Another explanation:it is not something new.He has often taken a U-turn.The first time he had changed his stance,according to these critics,was in the year 1989 when he had become a chief minister.He had changed again a year later when he recommended dissolution of the Assembly without taking its partner,the Congress,into confidence.Some other instances are also being cited.

All this is being done to play his wish down.It may not wash.

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