"Gaurav Gogoi, you will not go there" - Speaker tells Cong MP: Kharge insists on JPC

Gaurav Gogoi, you will not go there - Speaker tells Cong MP: Kharge insists on JPC

New Delhi, "Mr Gaurav Gogoi you will not go there. This is not fair. You should not disturb him. I am sorry," virtually ordered Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan ventilating her anguish at the conduct of lawmaker from Assam and other Congress legislators when they 'disturbed' Biju Janata Dal member Tathagata Satpathy from participating in the debate on the Interim Budget. "Hum sabh public representative haen, bahut geyar jimmedarena bartao yeanh par ho raha hae (We all are public representatives; but the way things went on. It was great irresponsible act, such things should not happen in the House)," Speaker said when BJD floor leader Bhartruhari Mahtab drew Speaker's attention and said his party colleague Mr Satpathy was disturbed by Congress members who came to his seat and tried to prevent him from delivering his speech. The issue figured in the post lunch session when Mr Satpathy speaking on the Budget. Some Congress members including Gaurav Gogoi tried to prevent him from speaking. Amid din, Congress floor leader Mallikarjin Kharge, however, said unless the Congress demand for a JPC on Rafale is not met, the protest would continue.

"Unless this problem is solved, we have to do this in the interest of the country," he said. "We are expecting the Prime Minister to make an announcement regarding the constitution of JPC....We also request you to kindly put pressure on the Government to constitute a JPC," he said adding - Otherwise, "we have no choice but to protest against this and will walk out from the House". Mr Mahtab maintained: "when Mr Satpathy, was speaking, some members were walking up to him and tried to obstruct him by showing the placards in front of him. This is something which is very serious. ....This is the manner in which young Parliamentarians are behaving. This should be condemned with full force." Speaker Ms Mahajan shared Mr Mahtab's contention and said - "I also took his name. I told him, by particularly taking his name, that this is not proper. You know public is also seeing all these things. Such things should not be done". The conduct of such members was really anti-democratic, she said.

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