Oppn has lost plot, LS polls will be b/w performance & paranoia: BJP

Oppn has lost plot, LS polls will be b/w performance & paranoia: BJP

New Delhi: Senior BJP leader Vinay Sahasrabuddhe has said, 'The ensuing general elections in 2019 will see a battle between politics of performance of the BJP versus politics of paranoia of the opposition." He also said that the Narendra Modi-led government has ensured a democracy of aspirations by thoughtfully designing welfare schemes for every marginalised section of the society. "Opposition is likely to fight next elections more fiercely as they are at the height of frustration. For the first time elections (2019) will be fought very fiercely...after so many years, more fiercely than it was fought even in 2014. Unfortunately, the debate today is less on the performance of the government and more on trivial issues -which the opposition wants to blow up," Dr Sahasrabuddhe told UNI in an interview. 'Purity of purpose, emphasis on innovation and resoluteness in implementation are the hallmarks of governance under Narendra Modi.

This is progressive politics and those still banking upon vote banks, casteism and dynastic rule are bound to fail in this New India,' said Dr Sahasrabuddhe. He further said: "The opposition parties don't even utter the word Good Governance as the performance of their governments can't match what our Governments have done, both at the Centre and in states. Realisation of this on their part has hugely added to their frustration taking their adversarial politics to a new low". Sounding hopeful about the construction of Ram Temple at Ayodhya, he said in answer to a question that many BJP leaders have already answered this question mentioning that dialogue, court ruling and suitable legislation have already been referred by them as the three options for construction of the same. He further added that Opposition has lost the plot as their single point agenda seems to be dethroning BJP.

"We talk development, they talk dynasty. They are hell-bent upon casteism and are manufacturing issues around caste politics as they are afraid about the fact that people increasingly prefer politics of development to politics of castes and communities," he said. 'Tell me; what moral strength will be with those who ruled for several decades to talk about bringing development and ending poverty ? ", asked Mr Sahasrabuddhe. He said since the Opposition is short of any issues, "they are manufacturing them and wasting their lung power in criticising our Prime Minister on non-issues". "In the process they are trivialising the national discourse. People have complete confidence in our Prime Minister and his team and there is not even an iota of doubt about the intentions of our leadership.

BJP will build upon this. I have some simple question for friends in the Congress. What prevented the Congress from constituting the SIT to look into the issue of Black Money as directed by apex court? Why did they not geotag rural works under the MGNREGS to prevent corruption ?," he asked. The BJP MP in Rajya Sabha also wondered: "Why did they allow corruption by facilitating artificial scarcity of Urea while neglecting the need for 100% Neem coating? There are no answers to these and many such questions". To a question, Dr Sahasrabuddhe, who is also the President of Indian Council for Cultural Relations ( ICCR ) said that the Congress has always indulged in populist policies for short term partisan and electoral gains. "This approach created a huge governance backlog and BJP Government had to clear the same.

We have shown the courage of taking some harsh-sounding measures for the long term good of the people even at the cost of some electoral reverses. Their opposition to our bill banning Triple Talaq is a class example of vote bank politics of the bygone era", he explained. 'With successive Congress government failing to deliver, people were on the verge of losing faith in the very model of democratic governance. Narendra Modi Government has restored that confidence and established that democracy can be made to deliver development for a new and emerging aspirational India,' he said.

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