BJP challenges other global leaders to organise mega events like 'Howdy Modi'

BJP challenges other global leaders to organise mega events like Howdy Modi

New Delhi, The BJP has virtually thrown a challenge to Narendra Modi detractors and cynics who try to imply that mega events like 'Howdy Modi' in Houston were 'gimmicks'. "If it is such a gimmick and if it is such a simple thing, let other leaders from India and leaders from other countries should go to the stadium in Houston and have this kind of event," Vijay Chauthaiwale, In-Charge BJP Foreign Affairs Dept, has said here. "It is easy to say it is drama or anything such. Go there and work and ensure a gathering of 50,000 people without President Donald Trump," he said here answering questions on Thursday late evening. Mr Chauthaiwale, who has been instrumental in organising most of PM Modi's such mega shows overseas starting from Madison Square in 2014, also said it would be also erroneous to think that it could be very difficult for Prime Minister to address such rallies in 'difficult countries' like China and Malaysia. "....we already had an event of this kind at Shanghai and also with 10,000 people at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia in last tenure of Prime Minister Modi," he said adding that if Mr Modi goes again to these countries "I don't think there will be any major difficulty in doing such kind of events". Addressing an event organised under the theme 'Howdy, Modi! Unwrapping the Wrapped and Leveraging the Gains', Mr Chauthaiwale further said Prime Minister has emerged as a great unifying factor. "Indian Diaspora is highly fractured and rarely come together. They have done so because of PM Modi's appeal," he has said. Speaking on the occasion, BJP vice-president and MP Vinay Sahasrabuddhe said, "Normally it is a fashion to say that while parties in power change, the foreign policy remains the same. I would say perhaps it also changes with the person who is leading that government".

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