India's e-waste to touch 5.2 MMT by 2020: Study

Indias e-waste to touch 5.2 MMT by 2020: Study

Kolkata, India's production of e-waste is likely to increase by 5.2 MMT per annum by 2020 from 2 MMT in 2016 due to buoyant economic growth and changing consumption patterns, according to ASSOCHAM-EY joint study.
The factors that led to a growth of e-waste are digital transformation, Social and economic growth, rapid technology advances, dumping trash etc. The dumping used and waste EEE (electrical and electronic equipment) into developing or under developed countries by the developed countries.
India is among the top five e-waste generating countries in the world besides China, the US, Japan and Germany. Among states, Maharashtra contributes the largest e-waste of 19.8 per cent but recycles only about 47,810 tonne per annum (TPA).

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