Imran falsifying the ground realities for ominous gains

Imran falsifying the ground realities for ominous gains

New Delhi,. Imran Khan, the Pakistani Prime Minister cannot repudiate his moral responsibility by simply uttering "his government had inherited the issue and hence he could not be held responsible for the past." He must be true to his own words that his government has inherited the issue. Since he accpts that his government has inherited the issue he ought to have abide by it and accept it. He cannot abdicate his responsibility by issuing a statement.

Imran ought to realise that the central question of politics has been distribution of power among the citizens.Through his statement in a way he was denying. If the previous government has given some power can he take it away? His statement literally mounts to this.

Plato believed that the object of politics was virtue and that only a few would ever thoroughly understand the science by which virtue could be attained and that those trained few should rule as "philosopher kings." At that time the champions of democracy carried the day, at least in Athens and its allied cities.

Governments do not relinquish their authority unless compelled to do so. But even in such situation the new ruler does not do away thye old decision, except in the case if military coup. Many of the actions of politicians and civil servants can be explained by the need to maintain and enhance their power.

Every government strives to increase its legitimacy in the eyes of the people. Imran must strive. But in the process he must not trample with the political philosophy and ancient traditions. Some governments employ repression, never relaxing their vigils against real or imagined opponents. Even democracies, when threatened, are likely to engage in a search for subversives and "enemies of the people."

The citizen surrenders a degree of individual sovereignty to the government in return for protection of life and property and the delivery of essential services. In the United States the government sets minimum wages, limits the rates charged by public utilities, buys farm commodities to keep prices up, forbids the sale of harmful foods and drugs, sets standards for gasoline consumption by automobiles, requires manufacturers to install antipollution devices, and monitors the safety of factories.

Imran was on the path to render greatest disservice to the people of his own country. Future governments would prefer to deny any welfare measure to the people of Pakistan and leave them at the mercy of the terrorists. Certainly Imran will not cherish this to happen. There are UN sanctions against Hafiz Saeed. There is already a clampdown on the JuD chief. In this backdrop how could he provide a friendly hand to them. His action simply endorses the feeling that he is out to encourage and patronise such elements.

Imran was speaking lies or trying to cover up his terrorist soft feeling by saying "It's not in Pakistan's interest to have its territory used for terror outside." If at all he is against this how could he befriend Hafeez, the world famous terrorist , who carried out Mumbai blast.?

No doubt people of Pakistan want peace with India, but Imran was not serious about it. Yes, he is right, "Gesture for peace can't be one-sided. We are willing to wait for (general) elections to get over in India for a gesture from New Delhi". Imran move ahead and take the initiative and show the gesture. There is no need to wait. People are awaiting for translation of his assurance that he wants strong and civilised relations with India and was ready to take two steps if New Delhi took one. But he would not do, as he is scared of the terrorists and the army.

Khan also said his government, the army and all political parties in Pakistan are on the same page to improve ties with India. No he as telling white lies. He had already tried to send the right message to his mentor by saying that he was not responsible for the past. In the process he tried to negate the basic tenet of the administration; it is a continuous process. This manifests that Imran is not serious and he is keeping his options open. Had he been really sincere and honest in his approach then he should have asked his army to issue a dictate to completely stop intrusion or violation of ceasefire.

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