Maniesh Paul has no dialogues in his short film 'Black Briefcase'

Maniesh Paul has no dialogues in his short film Black Briefcase

New Delhi: We all know how Maniesh Paul is an all-rounder. Name any entertainment medium and he has done it already or is on the verge of doing it. Be it an anchor, RJ, dancer, singer or actor -- but what remains common in all these aspects is his humour. We really need not mention his presence of mind when it comes to hosting an event, or functioning as an entertainer. No matter what the situation is, Maniesh knows how to humour it with his words. Words, those are literally our star boy's trump card to play with. Well, the jolly host who is known for his witty words is now all set to entertain you with no words at all.

Maniesh Paul will be seen in his short film 'Black Briefcase', a semi silent film where the protagonist, Maniesh himself has no dialogues at all. The character of Paul is also intense and dark, again a new genre for Maniesh to explore. In order to prepare for his role, the crew was asked not to speak with him at all during the shoot so that he is in the hold of his role. Maniesh would walk in the set with no greetings and stayed quiet the entire time for his role. 'Black Briefcase' is produced by Cinema addicts 9 and being presented by T-Series.

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