Stopping AAP minister' foreign tours part of dirty politics: Kejriwal

Stopping AAP minister foreign tours part of dirty politics: Kejriwal

New Delhi, In a fresh attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over cancellation of the foreign visits of the Delhi government ministers by the Centre, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday said that it was part of dirty politics to cancel their foreign visits. Also on Friday, Kejriwal had hit out at the PM as the foreign visits of his ministers -- Satyender Jain and Manish Sisodia to Australia and Austria -- were cancelled by the Centre. Jain was to visit Australia and as he was invited to speak about the Mohalla Clinics, while Sisodia was to visit Austria to speak there on the happiness classes in the Delhi government schools. Kejriwal said the foreign tours of PM Modi were being compared with his ministers' tours which brought more name to the nation. Taking a dig at PM's visits he said that wherein Sisodia and Satyender Jain's visits earned respect and made a mark of the country in foreign land, PM's visits got nothing but controversies as the 'Rafale'.

Mr Kejriwal further said that in a democracy, such comparisons were not a problem infact were a good thing, however, stopping our ministers from going out was something not in a good taste. Taking to twitter this morning He said, 'PM Modi's tours are being compared to that of AAP's ministers, what has the country gained out of PM's visits, Rafale?" "Manish, Satyender's tours have made the country's name shine, Such comparisons in Democracy are a good thing, however, it is wrong to stop our ministers visits,' Mr CM tweeted. Mr Kejriwal said that PM not allowing both the ministers to go out was nothing but dirty politics, speaking about and making others aware about good things happening in the country earns a good name and respect to the nation he added.

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