Congress faces a tough challenge in Mizoram

Congress faces a tough challenge in Mizoram

New Delhi: The only state ruled by the Congress in the North-east,Mizoram,may slip out of its hands, contrary to the opinion held by Congress leaders here and in the state.

The party has been ruling the hill state for last ten years.But the incumbency and some other factors seem to have gone against it.The Mizo National Front (MNF)which was at the helm before the grand old party has posed a bigger challenge this time and may win considerable number of seats.

The response to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit on Thursday and home minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday should also worry the party.

The C-Voter which has made a pre-election survey,too,does not say anything encouraging for the

party.Its opinion poll predicts a hung Assembly but gives more seats to the MNF. According to it, the ruling party is likely to bag 12 seats and the MNF 17.The C-Voter opinion poll has given nine seats to the Zoram People Movement.

If this prediction goes right,there will be a hung Assembly with the Congress losing many seats.In the 40-member House the Congress had 34 representatives in 2013 ,two more than the last ssembly.The MNF had suffered badly.

Seeing a chance of ending the Congress rule in the region( it has lost all other states),the BJP has put up candidates in all the constituencies excepting one.In the previous election, it had fielded only 17 candidates.

The party is in alliance with the MNF in the North-east but fighting election in Mizoram separately.The two may join hands if the Congress does not secure a majority.

It has projected itself as a Reang or Bru sympathiser. Thousands of this tribal group had left the state 21 years ago following ethnic clashes.As many as 35,000 of them are still living in refugee camps in two sub-divisions of neighbouringTripura.

A little over 11,000 of them are voters registered in Mizoram.They would like to vote some where close to their camps but the Election Commission has not permitted it.

The BJP has promised to help them and rewrite the four-partite agreement reached earlier.To express solidarity and seek support of the tribal group home minister Rajnath Sungh has held a meeting in the area where they are dominant.

The PM,too,addressed a meeting at Lunglei where this populous tribe has a strong presence.

Their votes will count where the contest is keen and winner can be decided by 500 to 1000 votes or less.This state will go to the polls on November 28.

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