Delhi air 'severe'

Delhi air severe

New Delhi, Delhiites woke up to severe air quality on Friday as average Air Quality Index (AQI) shot up was 427 at 1100 hours, according to the Central Pollution Control Board. There was shallow fog in the morning, while humidity was 86 per cent, that made the dispersion of the pollutants even difficult. Municipal agencies persons were seen spraying water at some areas in the city in the morning hours as a measure to clear the air and make the dust settle. The air was hazardous at some areas with the AQI nearly touching 500. People complained of redness in eyes, breathing trouble and slight dizzyness due to the bad air. while a thick layer of smog was quite evident in the skies. The morning was cold with minimum temperature settling at 11 degree C, three points below the season's average here, said weatherman. Maximum temperature on Friday is likely to hover around 27 degrees C.

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