BSP demands resolution from UP Assy supporting Jat reservation

The Jat reservation issue resonated in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly today as the Bahujan Samaj Party demanded the House to adopt a resolution supporting Jat reservation and send it to the Centre. BSP supremo Mayawati has already extended her support to the Jat agitation for reservation in Haryana and also condemned the police action to quell the violent agitation. Raising the issue through an adjournment notice, BSP member Gajendra Singh said the state Assembly should adopt a resolution for giving OBC status to the jats in UP.

Speaker Mata Prasad Pandey said similar resolution was adopted by the state Assembly during the previous government and sent to the Centre and the same was pending there. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Azam Khan, opposing the adjournment notice, said the BJP government in Haryana has not done justice with the Jats. BJP during the Assembly elections in October 2014 had promised to give the OBC status to Jats, ensuring them reservation in government jobs and educational institutions. He said instead of fulfilling the poll promise, BJP government ordered police firing on the community, who were demanding their legitimate rights. BJP MLA Shyam Deo Rai Chowdhary, also through an adjournment notice, raised the issue of growing burden of power consumers due to the faulty meters installed in his constituency-Varanasi. Mr Chowdhary alleged that power distribution companies in Varanasi were enhancing the connected load of domestic consumers without seeking their consent and without even informing them. The consumers were being made to pay for the inefficiency of power distribution companies. The faulty meters were running fast and showing more power than actual consumption, he added. Opposing the notice, Mr Khan said the state government has taken a series of measures for bringing down the transmission and distribution losses and to bring down the line losses, underground cables are laid in several cities. Mr Khan rejected the contention of the BJP MLA that meters were running faster. He said the electricity meter can be stopped from working, but it cannot run faster than the actual power consumption.

Suresh Rana, BJP MLA from Muzaffarnagar, raised the issue of rising pollution levels in all rivers of western UP, from the effluents discharged from the industrial units and also the municipal waste and sewage. Raising the issue through adjournment notice, the BJP member said pollution was posing threat to the public health and the agriculture productivity. Opposing the notice, Mr Khan said the slaughter houses in Western UP were the single biggest cause of pollution in rivers of the area. BJP is in power in Delhi and Mr Rana should approach the Central government to get all the slaughter houses closed, Mr Khan quipped. He said the state government had sent a detailed proposal to the Union government for launching river cleaning programme and construction of sewage treatment plants in big towns, but the Centre has so far not provided funds for the project. The Centre has starved the state of funds, resulting in non-payment of salaries to the employees for the last five months, the Minister alleged.

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