BJP MP's dharna was flop show: SP


download (85)Lucknow, Jul 5 - The ruling Samajwadi Party(SP) today here said that dharna staged by BJP Member of Parliaments was a flop show and only limited people attended that. SP's spokesperson and political pension minister Rajendra Chaudhary here in a statement said that over 25 MP's abstained during the protest and only few BJP leaders attended it while senior BJP leaders also stayed away from it. Mr Chaudhary said that from this show of BJP it was very clear that there is no support of public to such an "indiscipline handicapped party", their protest was on the issued which were totally baseless as SP government has done significant works in the sector of Law and Order, Power Supply and others "Other states have now started to imitate the schemes of SP government", added Mr Chaudhary.

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