BJP MLA threatens to kill Distt judge

BJP MLA threatens to kill  Distt judge

download (95)Raipur, Aug 25 - In the maiden incident of its kind since Chhattisgarh’s formation, a district judge has lodged a written complaint alleging that a ruling BJP legislator issued a death threat to him. Police said today that the state capital’s Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate Prabhakar Gwal submitted his complaint to the Superintendent of Police and a local police station. Mr Gwal said that, on August 7, a man barged into the court’s resting room, claimed to be Saraipali (Scheduled Castes) MLA Ram Lal Chouhan and began intimidating him. The intruder sought details regarding Mr Gwal's family background and said, “The Crime Investigation Department and the State Intelligence Bureau are inquiring against you. Your wife sought an assembly election ticket from Saraipali and it is being ascertained as to which places she visited in the process

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