'BJP govt distrubed peace in country'


Bengaluru: Congress leader in Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge today alleged that the BJP government at the centre had created an unrest and disturbed peace in the country which led to waning of confidence among the armed forces. Speaking to reporters here, he said the economic policies of the union government had left all sections of the society to face a difficult situation in day-to-day life due to increasing of taxes and people unfriendly policies. He said for example the motor fuel rates were low across the globe, including in poor economies, but in India it was the highest. The BJP government was disinterested in taking up Lok Pal bill despite severe pressure from different quarters and it being passed in Parliament. ''What is stopping this government from appointing the Lok Pal,'' he asked. ''(Prime Minister) Narendra Modi's achievement is reeling out in long speeches. The Union Ministers had no freedom to take prudent decisions as everything is under his control. In the BJP the only man speaks is Mr Modi and others listen. This is not good for democracy,'' he stated. Meanwhile, on Karnataka politics, Mr Kharge said the Congress High command had not hinted to him to take over the mantle of the KPCC but it remained the ultimate decision maker. ''I have not bothered whether I am asked to be the next KPCC Chief. The high command will decide it. ''But one thing is clear that the next Assembly election in 2018 will be fought under 'united leadership' and the high command will decide who will be the next chief minister (in the event of Congress retaining power). There is no confusion over appointment of next KPCC Chief,'' he said.

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