Ambedkar University starts 'Global Studies' course

New Delhi - Arts students soon will get to learn a plethora on globalisation as the Ambedkar University is all set to introduce a new course titled ‘Global Studies’ from this academic session beginning from August.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union around three decades ago, the world witnessed considerable changes on economic, socio-political, technical, cultural and linguistic levels.

People also began debating over women and Scheduled Castes.

"The key objective to start MA in Global Studies is to illuminate hidden histories and geographies of globality that are too often subsumed within dominant stories of colonial, postcolonial and neoliberal globalisation," said Vice-Chancellor Dr. Shyam Menon, asserting that this is the first time a course on Global Studies will be introduced.

No other university in the country, he asserted, is having a course on Global Studies.

Students will be taught about how and when these changes appeared. He also emphasised on other new courses including masters in Public Policy and Governance, Urban Studies and Law, Politics and Society.

"The OP Jindal University in Haryana has a course in Public Policy and Governance but that is private university while in Urban Studies only two colleges impart education—one in Bengaluru and other one in Mumbai," said Prof Menon.

"Students," the Vice-Chancellor added, "were keen to learn new subjects."

Prof Praveen Singh, subject in-charge, asserted that students will also get the opportunity to travel to foreign nations so that they will be well versed with the topic.

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