Alld HC orders CBI probe into missing files from HC office  

Allahabad : Allahabad High Court today ordered a CBI probe to find out how important original files related to murder, rape and loot were missing from the office of the high court.
Taking serious note of the missing files between 1981 to 1992 which were given by lower courts, a division bench of the high court comparing Justices Sashikant Gupta and Sashikant ordered a CBI probe.
The court also ordered that handing over all the FIRs related to the missing files lodged at the Civil Lines police station should be handed over to the CBI immediately.
The bench said that it was a serious matter and due to the missing files several criminals were freed without any punishment.
The court said as the state government could not identify anyone for the lapses hence it was better that the CBI probe the matter.
The court has also directed the CBI to submit its probe report by December 16.

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