Ajay Devgn creates RIFT between good friends Kajol and Karan Johar!

Mumbai:  Karan Johar and Kajol‘s friendship is well known in the industry, but seems like things have gone kaput between them and they no longer are BFFs. Karan has managed to strike a good balance between his friends for long now, however seems like his juggling act did not particularly work this time around. And his professional space is causing some trouble in his personal life.If our source is to be believed then Karan and Kajol are no longer buddies and the reason is none other than the actress’ husband Ajay Devgn.  “Ajay’s Shivaay is the real reason for the strain in Kajol’s friendship with Karan. Kajol is staying away from Karan because his film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil will be clashing with her husband’s. Obviously she has chosen her side like the last time she did with Shah Rukh.” Ajay and Karan have locked horns over the release date of their respective films. Ajay had revealed the release date of Shivaay a year back and while it was scheduled to have a solo release in Diwali this year, Karan announced at the beginning of 2016 that Ae Dil Hai Mushkil will also be releasing on the same day (October 28). According to our source this hurt Ajay’s sentiments and Kajol feels let down by her buddy. Karan on the other end is in no mood to change his release date of his multi starrer film that boasts of names like Ranbir Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Fawad Khan and Anushka Sharma. And even the Shivaay actor is adamant to go ahead with the clash now. The fact that they have never been great friends even in the past is only intensifying their animosity.

This is not the first time Kajol and Karan are at war. Earlier in 2013 too, the friends had a fallout over Ajay Devgn. Apparently the Shivaay actor believed that Karan was making negative comments about him and confronted KJo about the same, who denied it vehemently. But following this episode Karan and Kajol stopped talking until a year later Shah Rukh Khan intervened and played the mediator. Also when Kajol made an appearance on Karan Johar’s Koffee With Karan, she had revealed that Ajay Devgn had his own set of friends and he likes to hang out with them. She was miffed with Karan for putting her in a spot after the show, but they kissed and made up within a few weeks. Kajol has again taken a stand and has stopped talking to Karan completely. The actress didn’t go to KJo’s party in London and didn’t even wish him, while she made a comeback on her social media page just to share Shivaay poster and support her hubby. This time around Kajol and Karan are at war again over Ajay. Will they patch up? Will Shah Rukh Khan come to the rescue again? Or will the cold war continue?

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