Advani's statement of emergency saved Sushma, Vasundharaje : Gehlot


maxresdefaultLucknow, Aug 30 - Senior Congress leader and former Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot today alleged that senior BJP leader Lal Krishna Advani was the real face who saved Union external Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj and Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundharaje Scindhia in the Lalitgate scam. " The statement of Mr Advani terming that emergency prevails in the party was enough for Narendra Modi to backtrack on the issue though later Mr Advani tried to cover up the issue by saying that he was talking about Congress," he said. Mr Gehlot, who was here to attend a function as the chairperson of the Rajiv Gandhi Study Circle, said the 'mum mode' of the PM also tells the people of the country about some fishy within the BJP and his silent acceptance of the scam against these two leaders."Mr Advani's attack on Modi forced the PM to go silent on Sushma Swaraj," he claimed. Talking to reporters here, the Congress leader said Mr Modi claims that there was no corruption in his government of 15 months which was a great achievement." But was lalitgate not a scam," he questioned. He also justified the act of the Congress in derailing the Parliament in the just concluded monsoon session. " It was the BJP which set up an example to paralyse the Parliament for 12 days on Sukhram issue though later they formed the government in Himachal Pradesh with him," he said while adding that the demand of the Congress for the resignation of the Union minister was genuine. "Congress always accepted the peoples' opinion and sought several resignations of its ministers in the past. But the BJP did't even care for the peoples' opinion this time," Mr Gehlot said. "The PM is only interested in foreign tours and beating drums about its success. All the previous PMs too received such response in the foreign countries but they never tried to publicise it," he further added. The Congress leader also clarified that there is no confusion within the Congress leadership over the role of party vice-president Rahul Gandhi." Ms Sonia Gandhi is our leader and Rahul Gandhi is leading the party from the front. There can be demand for Rahul Gandhi to take the place of his mother but now everyone is united in the present form of the organisation," he stated. The former Rajasthan Chief Minister, was very critical on the role of his counterpart Vashundhara Raje Scindia recommending CBI probe in the 108 Ambulance controversy when courts have given him a clean-chit. He also claimed his innocence in the 108 ambulance controversy. Instead, the leader said what was Enforcement Directorate(ED) and CBI doing in the share funds rotated through Mauritius in which the BJP CM is totally involved. When asked about the bad condition of Congress in Uttar Pradesh, the leader blamed that the party's pre-poll alliance with SP and then with BSP in the 1990s were the main reason for this miserable status.

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