100 percent rise in cyber crime in UP during 2014

Altogether 1,223 people were arrested across Uttar Pradeesh under the Cyber Crime Act in 2014, which was more than 103.2 per cent in comparison to 2013.

A total of 602 people were arrested in 2013. As many as 94 computer professionals and hackers were also arrested in UP on charges of cyber fraud in 2014.

The data of the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) revealed that UP hada a 18.1 per cent share of cases reported under cyber crime during 2014. Moreover, the majority of 898 cases lodged across the state under Section 66 A of IT Act were computer related offences.

A total of 1,042 cases were lodged under Sections 66 A to 66 E. Police sources here today said the data also revealed that 36 cases (under Section 65) were registered on charges of tampering computer source documents. Similarly, 371 cases were reported under Section 67 and 67 A to C on the charges of publication or transmission of obscene/sexually explicit material.

The data claimed that the majority of the accused were between 18 and 45 years. Besides, 15 employees, 62 business competitors were also held by police. The statistics revealed that 2013 witnessed a 122.5 per cent jump in cyber offences over 2012.

In 2014, cyber crime cases were registered for tampering computer source document, hacking (damage to computer resources utility and hacking cases), obscene/publication/transmission, unauthorised access/attempt to protected computer system, obtaining digital signature by misrepresentation and publishing false digital signature certificate, fraud digital signature and breach of confidentiality and privacy. Under IPC sections, 78 cases of forgery, cheating, data theft, criminal breach of trust and fraud were registered.

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